B Cup cafe


Delivery take out Catering 212.228.4808 Free Delivery In Our Delivery Area Open Mon.–Fri. From 7.30am to 10pm Sat.–Sun. From 9am to 10pm 212 Ave. B New York NY 10009 Corner of E.13th St. Our story is sort of a love…


Daily Specials   fresh mint lemonade $3.25 Summer Salad$9.95 GOAT CHEESE CHICKEN WARP/WITH SMALL SALAD$11.25 Granola with Yogurt & Seasonal Fruit$5.95 Big Oreo Cookie$3.50 ICED RASPERRY TEA$3.25 Brie Sandwich W/Chicken$10.25 Quiche Lorraine$6.95 Zucchini Bread$3.25 Blueberry Smoothie– Breakfast Bagels are served…



Free WIFI connection, Fast WIFI connection with no limits, so we will never ask you to leave or to disconnect. *extra heavy users downloading  files larger the 50MB for over 1 hour will be disconnected. (excluding YouTube)